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Consulting and Engineering Solutions

Consulting and Engineering Solutions

Improving your business asset productivity & increasing performance

Complex processes in industries ranging from Oil and Gas, Energy, Railway, Airline, Marine, Manufacturing, require skilled work force, to ensure safety, asset reliability and cost-effective maintenance schedules to increase efficiency, performance, and productivity with limited resources. If you are aiming to improve your business asset productivity and become more resilient in making adequate proactive and predictive decision, then M&Z upgrades can help you. 
Asset Management

Reliability and Availability of assets are the cornerstone of optimal asset performance. Having a very good insight of the patterns of failures, mitigating, and controlling all the potential risks of failures can lead to operational excellence which is essential to the overall asset life cycle optimisation.


M&Z upgrades team of experts have experience on how to use and implement maintenance and reliability engineering techniques to ensure that our clients can monitor, measure, and control the performance of their assets in safe manner.

engineering consultant

Our services, training and recommendations will ensure safe and reliable asset performance at all stages of the asset lifecycle from commissioning through to achieving operational excellence and implement appropriate maintenance practices.


We know that cost-effective decisions making can have significant long-term impacts on asset performance, continuous improvement initiatives, and reliability. For your business to thrive you need to understand the state of your company’s overall business asset reliability and performance.

Training & Development Techniques Include:

Project Planning Management

Project Planning and Management

Energy Audit and Energy Asset Management

Energy Audit and Asset Management

Reliability Centred Maintenance Training

Reliability Centred Maintenance training

Total Productive Maintenance Training

Total Productive Maintenance training

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance
Training and Development 
Training and Development 
Knowledge Professional and best practices training to suit your business needs

You can save time, money and extend the life of your assets in a strategic way. There are many benefits from putting together pieces of information to allow you take better control and make cost effective decision on how to run your business.  


Your business has a vision of success and where it would like to be in the short, medium, and long term. Such realisation would be based on your commitments and a clear smart plan on how key milestones can be achieved appropriately.  

Our Values
Our cores values are to find a possible cost-effective way that is applicable to business to ensure resilience, integrity, confidence, and innovation.
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